Opinion: Aftermarket Brakes Are a Rusty Menace

This opinion piece comes from Mark Lavelle who is a member of the Global Brake Safety Council and was published in Auto Dealer Today.


Opinion: Aftermarket Brakes Are a Rusty Menace

Brakes are one of a vehicle’s most important safety features, yet hundreds of millions of vehicles on the road today are driving on compromised brakes, putting countless lives at risk. The reason is simple: rust. Original equipment engineers design brake pads so they don’t separate from the steel and must wear out evenly over time — but the aftermarket doesn’t. Aftermarket brakes are highly susceptible to rust and premature failure.

Why doesn’t the aftermarket have to match OEM standards? Because according to the law, there are no standards.

It may surprise you to hear that automotive aftermarket brakes are not covered by any state or federal regulations. Nor are there any industry standards for brakes sold in the United States. This absence of regulations and standards allows manufacturers to use any materials they choose, leading to the use of subgrade, untreated steel from Asia.


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