New Mercedes Benz Ad Campaign Features Brakes and the Grim Reaper


grim:reaper:mercedes:brake:assistThis is a great example of how safety and a sense of humour can be used to sell a car. Mercedes is showing off their Brake Assist feature that can significantly reduce stopping distances in panic situations.

Brake Assist detects circumstances in which emergency braking is required by measuring the speed with which the brake pedal is depressed. Some systems additionally take into account the rapidity of which the accelerator pedal is released, pre-tensioning the brakes when a “panic release” of the accelerator pedal is noted.

driver:mercedes:brake:assistMany drivers are not prepared for the relatively high efforts required for maximum braking, nor are they prepared for the “buzzing” feedback through the brake pedal during ABS operation. If an emergency develops, a slow reaction and less than maximum braking input could result in insufficient time or distance to stop before an accident occurs.

EBA is designed to detect such “panic stops” and apply maximum braking effort within milliseconds. It interprets braking behaviour by assessing the rate that the brake pedal is activated.

If the system identifies an emergency, it automatically initiates full braking faster than any driver can move their foot. Emergency stopping distances can be shortened, reducing the likelihood of accidents –