100% Brake Pad Performance Guarantee: Yep, You Read that Right.


NUCAP is so confident in the NRS technology, they announced a fully-funded, 100% Brake Pad Performance Guarantee. Starting May 1, 2013, NUCAP will guarantee all brake pads manufactured with the NRS™ Retention System against delamination for the useful life of the pads and will reimburse customers a flat $250 for the cost of their brake pads and labor.

This pad is in the Danger Zone.
This pad is in the Danger Zone.

The key word in this guarantee is “PERFORMANCE”. Most guarantees are product guarantees that are broadly written and are betting that you lose the receipt or violate the terms with one unintended act. You know that this guarantee is good if they are willing to stamp the NRS name in steel to tell you that this is a quality guarantee.

The NUCAP NRS performance guarantee against edge lift, rust jacking, or de-lamination. Basically, any condition where the friction material has separated from the backing plate and has limited the life of the brake pads.

The separation of friction and backing plate will result in significant brake vibration/noise. Once present, the bond will continue to deteriorate at an increasing rate. This means replacement pads will be required much earlier than expected.

For any brand of brake pads that utilize NUCAP Industry’s NRS Retention System that delaminates during the service life of the pad, NUCAP will reimburse the purchaser and installer $250 USD or CAD (roughly the cost of your brake pads and labor). You do not need a receipt for the guarantee fairy to put some money under your pillow.

No box, no original receipt and cash. These guys must be crazy or extremely confident in their products.